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Tapajos School Project Update

i2P has a mission of educating and inspiring with an end result of EMPOWERING young people to complete their own Extraordinary Acts. Students, classrooms and schools from Expedition Amazon joined together for a common goal; a goal to raise enough funding to complete the construction of a school that will serve 100 children in the community of Taquara, in the Flona Do Tapajos.

Since October 20th of this year, rain has halted progress of the school's construction. As of late the weather has been cooperating, giving locals the ability to return in constructing the school. Below are photos of materials arriving for construction & locals working on the school (even the KIDS are helping out!!!).

Expedition Amazon participants were provided with a challenge to help i2P do some incredible work that will have life-changing qualities. Together students, classrooms and schools followed through and achieved something truly EXTRAORDINARY!

Amazon Wrap-Up Blog!

Hey Everyone! Ray and I wanted to put together a wrap up blog for the Amazon Expedition and say thanks to everyone that helped us make it a success! First off, we both want to thank our wives Kathy and Jennifer along with our children Mia and Lincoln! Without their support none of this would be possible! We also want to thank all of the volunteers and supporters that make things run so smoothly! We realize that we have some pretty lofty goals and we couldn't achieve them without you working so hard on everything from communications, ground and travel logistics, education resources, gear acquisition, and the laundry list of other items that everyone helps with in the course of preparing for these adventurous learning programs!

Amazon Expedition 2010 was by far our most involved expedition and experiential learning program. The result of all the hard work was an absolutely fascinating experience to one of the most mystical and wondrous places on the planet. This expedition offered something that few people on the planet will ever get to experience and we were honored to include all of the students and supporters that followed along throughout the journey!

A few of the facts and figures regarding student enrollment of the experiential learning program:

  • 15,506 students
  • 116 schools
  • 19 states across the USA and two schools from Puerto Rico
  • 8 Provinces and Territories of the 13 in Canada
  • 6 countries, including India, Russia, Kenya, Mexico, United States, and Canada

Thanks to all the teachers and students that participated in the program! We hope you were able to draw from the experiences of the i2P Youth Ambassador team and they have inspired you to push forward and achieve your own lofty life goals!

To all those people still working on the FLONA school project for the children of Taquara keep on pushing! We will meet our $20,000 goal but it is going to take a dedicated effort by everyone! Thanks to everyone that has donated and raised funds!

Here are a couple final photos that Ray and I selected to share with you! Please continue to explore the Jungle 2010 website as we have plenty of inspirational and educational content for all to see and learn from!

Thanks again!

Bob and Ray

i2P Exploratory - Deforestation Q14-15-17-18

Another 4 new deforestation video answers below!

Over the course of the week, we will post video answers to questions found in the research questions section.

How do the animals survive when they cut down the trees? Where do the animals go?

How big are the trees that are being cut down in the Amazon?

Can you count the rings on a tree that has been cut down and tell me how old it was?

If you take a rope that is 20 feet long and mark a spot that is 5’ x 5’, how many different plants, animals and insects do you see in that square?

i2P Exploratory - Deforestation Q8-10-12-13

Check out the 4 new deforestation video answers below!

Over the course of the week, we will post video answers to questions found in the research questions section.

Are you seeing animals in places where they shouldn’t be since they’re cutting down their homes? Are there any animals whose population is decreasing because of deforestation? Please take a picture of this animal if you see one.

What do the people use to cut down the trees? What is the land used for after the trees are cut down?

Is there anything I can do to help the animals that no longer have a home in the Amazon Rainforest now that their home has been destroyed?

Has deforestation affected the Amazon River?

i2P Exploratory

Check out 4 new answers below!

Over the course of the week, we will post video answers to questions found in the research questions section.

Are there any signs of reforestation, and is there any evidence of recovery to the ecosystem?

Are the people who harvest trees educated about the effects of deforestation, and do they feel remorse or guilt?

Is the cutting of forest in the area influencing climate change?

Since they’re cutting down trees in the Amazon Rainforest, are they trying to save the unusual plants, especially the ones that might be used to cure diseases? Please take a picture of unusual plants you see.

Last 2 Days !

What an expedition it has been! The team couldn't be any happier- we experienced intense heat, crossed swamps, and trekked through dense jungle! The Youth Ambassadors were once again such an inspiration- and even thought they had to alter their route due to intense thunderstorms and potential flash flooding they remained in great spirits. As usual, we will be adding content in the coming days from Santarem, such as the answers to the Exploratory Questions and more photos.

More details about our route too! The canopy was so thick in some places the tracker couldn't grab a signal. The Youth Ambassadors learned and shared what they learned about Biodiversity with thousands of students live- the technology worked fantastic-and the team is in high gear now, as fundraising for the school in Taquara will kick into overdrive. Donations for the school project and fundraising will continue through first week of December! We will update monies raised in the Extraordinary Acts section soon.

Cheers for now !

  • Video: Day 7 and Day 8

Blog Day 6 - Re-routed in the Rain !

This morning we stopped to re-supply to get some extra food rations and by that I mean snacks! We needed a lot of energy for the trek. We were treated with passion fruit juice, eggs, bread buns and sweet buns. Yummmm! Our hike today was similar to the and humid! After hours of hiking we approached our camp site we were relieved to see a rain cloud above us. The rain turned into more rain then into a downpour! It was so wet and cold that we could not stay under the canopy and plans had to be changed. The risk of flash flood was also a threat.

Our back up plan of re-routing out of the jungle yielded an awesome surprise! A nearby farm house where we spent the night. We were relieved and happy to have the opportunity to dry out and re-group. Here we were able to hang up our hammocks outside, and get hot water.

  • Video: Day 5 and Day 6

Blog Day 5 - Deep in the Jungle

Today we left Taquara and upon our departure one of the villagers showed us their customary jewelry made of coconuts and jaguar teeth; he gave the Youth Ambassadors small coconut rings. We hiked about 4 km to another village where we were treated to fresh cashew juice that tasted cold, sweet and nutty. In order to continue on our expedition we had to cross a small river which had wild boars on the other side. After a brief re-supply we entered into the deepest jungle yet.

There were several hard climbs, and hours of grueling terrain but our hard work was rewarded with a campsite under the canopy. We hung our hammocks around a fire where we were able to make dehydrated meals. We fell asleep listening to the loud jungle noises which were created by insects and howler monkeys. Although we were in the area with the greatest density of jaguars, we were accompanied by Brazilian jungle army whose knowledge of the area made us feel more at ease. It was another exciting day!

  • Video: Day 5 and Day 6