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Tapajos School Project Update

i2P has a mission of educating and inspiring with an end result of EMPOWERING young people to complete their own Extraordinary Acts. Students, classrooms and schools from Expedition Amazon joined together for a common goal; a goal to raise enough funding to complete the construction of a school that will serve 100 children in the community of Taquara, in the Flona Do Tapajos.

Since October 20th of this year, rain has halted progress of the school's construction. As of late the weather has been cooperating, giving locals the ability to return in constructing the school. Below are photos of materials arriving for construction & locals working on the school (even the KIDS are helping out!!!).

Expedition Amazon participants were provided with a challenge to help i2P do some incredible work that will have life-changing qualities. Together students, classrooms and schools followed through and achieved something truly EXTRAORDINARY!

What's an i2P Classroom Video Conference Like?

Below are four videos of some classroom video conferences that students participated in on October 25, 2010. There are various video points of view which give an excellent representation of the experience. Check them out below!

  • i2P Video Conference Sample (Oct 25 2010)

  • In-class i2P Video Conference Snippet 1 (Oct 25 2010)

  • In-class i2P Video Conference Snippet 2 (Oct 25 2010)

  • i2P Video Conference Sample - Full Length (Oct 25 2010)

Monday October 25 2010 :: posted by Nick Gravel