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Tapajos School Project Update

i2P has a mission of educating and inspiring with an end result of EMPOWERING young people to complete their own Extraordinary Acts. Students, classrooms and schools from Expedition Amazon joined together for a common goal; a goal to raise enough funding to complete the construction of a school that will serve 100 children in the community of Taquara, in the Flona Do Tapajos.

Since October 20th of this year, rain has halted progress of the school's construction. As of late the weather has been cooperating, giving locals the ability to return in constructing the school. Below are photos of materials arriving for construction & locals working on the school (even the KIDS are helping out!!!).

Expedition Amazon participants were provided with a challenge to help i2P do some incredible work that will have life-changing qualities. Together students, classrooms and schools followed through and achieved something truly EXTRAORDINARY!

Voice Blog, Deep in the Jungle

October 27 2010 Voice Blog The team is so deep in the jungle and the canopy is so thick they are having trouble with their satellite phone reception.

Check out the audio file by clicking the image on the left; I also added a rough transcript below.

"Hi everybody it's Adrianna.I'm just calling, letting you know yesterday sorry we couldn't make the call the canopy was too thick.Ummm but we were hiking deeper into the jungle yesterday and we ahhh made it to our ahhh ummm campsite and ahhh it was a hot. ........ hot hike we did ummm and were still emotional actually from the day before and ahhh ????? from being with the, the the people in the village ... ??? ....behind there it was difficult leaving... still in the jungle we've ???? last night and because of, I'm just .... the military people that were watching over us because there were a lot of jaguars were out there and they're there to help keep them away. And today we have another hike ahead of us, it is extremely hot but we are doing great, so keep those ???? sites we are looking forward to keeping in touch with you and I'll try to another call a bit later today. Talk to you soon."

Day 4 - Intense Thunderstorm

A very eventful day on the banks of the Tapajos River in Brazil. We awoke to dark skies and wind. The team was shuttled out to the boat from our camp on shore to collect supplies for the day. The trip back was marked by the passage of an intense thunderstorm and a heavy tropical downpour that drenched everything. We also saw some caimens (similar to crocodiles) lounging on the beach. The rain continued for some hours delaying our hike to the aboriginal village of Taquara, where i2P is raising money to build a school to replace the previous school which was ruined by flooding. Upon our arrival in the village we were welcomed by the president of the community Leonardo and his wife. We toured the ruined school and were honored by a magnificent ceremony, dance and feast.

Our days in the Amazon Rainforest have been remarkable. They are a wonderfully rich and lush environment, perfect to highlight the world of biodiversity. The Youth ambassadors are busily collecting answers for the exploratory questions submitted by schools, which we will begin to package and forward in greater number in coming days.

Ewan Affleck

  • Day 4 Video

p.s. The answers to Day 1 and Day 2 species of the day are now posted in the slideshow in the sidebar.

What's an i2P Classroom Video Conference Like?

Below are four videos of some classroom video conferences that students participated in on October 25, 2010. There are various video points of view which give an excellent representation of the experience. Check them out below!

  • i2P Video Conference Sample (Oct 25 2010)

  • In-class i2P Video Conference Snippet 1 (Oct 25 2010)

  • In-class i2P Video Conference Snippet 2 (Oct 25 2010)

  • i2P Video Conference Sample - Full Length (Oct 25 2010)

Day 3 - Low Water Levels

On Day 3 the Youth Ambassadors again had to adjust their route due to the dramatic low water levels on the Tapajos, where their re-supply boat was situated. Just reaching the main boat took one hour by small boat to retrieve additional gear and food! The 11km trek felt like 25 in the heat and terrain.

  • Day 3 Video

  • Day 3 - Bridget Laughs With Students at Prainha

  • Day 3 - Hannah Mckeand- i2P Team Member

  • Day 3 - Into The Jungle on Day 3

  • Day 3 - Isaiah At Prainha School.jpg

  • Day 3 - Kev filming at School, with a Helper!

  • Day 3 - Marshall Ulrich- Team i2P Member

  • Day 3 - Shirley Thompson-i2P Amazon Logistics

  • Day 3 - Sierra at School Visiting Students

  • Day 3 - Sierra Having A Rough Day 3

  • Day 3 - Team i2P Adrianna Rossi...Teaching!

  • Day 3 - Team i2P Visits Prainha School

i2P Exploratory Research Questions

Why are the trees in the region cut down?

What types of food do the local people eat, and where do the foods come from? Are they local products (produce, veggies, fruits)/meats/ fish/dairy/breads) or are they imported?

Day 2- SWAMPS !

Today we hiked 20.2kms. It was longer than yesterday, and we traversed through larger swamps. It was tough being on our feet for so long, we definitely were spent by the end of the day, and my feet look like prunes!  We saw more species today than we have seen in our time in the Amazon (snakes, turtles, exotic fruits etc.)

The highlight of the day for me was the swamp crossing, we got right in the water and pulled ourselves across the river at one point, it was an exhilarating feeling because the current was strong and just thinking about the stingrays, snakes etc. really got my heart rate going. It then began to downpour! This is what I expected from the Amazon! It was the greatest experience of my life, I finally felt like I was living a childhood dream of experiencing an exotic place to its fullest.

Today all of us youth ambassadors grew closer, we were communicating well and swapping life stories. One of the many highlights of the trip is meeting all of these accomplished people, it makes me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I wish I could write more because we have discovered so much in our short time here. :)

P.S It’s amazing what fear can do to you. We discovered a snake in the bush and fled quickly. I saw its movement and jumped quite far to hide. Maybe I should give up triathlon and become a professional field athlete, I have never jumped so far in my life! haha.

Jessie Lilly

  • Day 2 Video

  • Day 2 - Deadly Snake!

  • Day 2 - Trekking up steep hills in the rainforest

  • Day 2 - Jessie, Sierra, Bridget taking a break

  • Day 2 - Isaiah, and Sierra trekking through the jungle

  • Day 2 - Huge and very poisonous fly

  • Day 2 - The team taking a cool down break in a river

Day 1- Into The Jungle!

The i2P team assembled in Santarem yesterday & set out on the expedition with an overnight boat trip up the Tapajos River (a tributary of the Amazon). This morning the team set out into the jungle in 33 degree temperatures.

Check out the video (works on iPhone/iPad and Android) and photos below!

  • Day 1

  • Day 1 - Crossing a River

  • Day 1 - Snake Guards

  • Day 1 - Jessie Lilly in the Amazon Jungle

  • Day 1 - Jessie Lilly being interviewed by Brazilian television

  • Day 1 - Isaiah Gilson performing performing a traditional song

  • Day 1 - On the boat heading up the Tapajos River

  • Day 1 - Isaiah Gilson, Bridget Beury and Sierra Smith

Isaiah's Blog - Dense Jungle Trail

Wwwoooo weee today was pretty extreme, well for myself that is. I got a bit over heated a little after our half way mark. Right when we were brought to shore by a smaller boat, I gave one of the mothers a pair of child's mukluks, just as my mom wanted me to, along with a small shield with a raven head painted on to it.

I went strong for 3/4 of the day, before I started to get really hot. I let it go on for a bit, before I mentioned it to the group. Go figure for being too hot I had too many layers on tights pants, long sleeved shirt with my short sleeved i2P, goodness sake no wonder why. Well we have one more hard day ahead of us of going up and down I feel ready my body is starting to accept the weather. Chow!