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Education Day 4 - Planets

The Youth Ambassadors discuss life on other planets from two perspectives:

  1. Would you want to go to another planet and colonize it?
  2. Do you think there is already life on other planets?

» Read more in Education Day 4.

It's Not About the Distance

What did we do on day 5? We ran, and ran, and ran some more. We ran until we reached 55km. Did it hurt? Ask my legs. Was it the most unbelievable experience ever? Ask my head.

New i2P Youth Expedition record! The distance is really just a number and doesnít mean that much. Running through the driest place on earth and doing it with an amazing group of people means so much more.

Getting to this point took a lot of work: 3 months of training, but more importantly 4 days of expedition getting used to the weather, the terrain, my teammates and the pace. The pace was probably the most challenging aspect. With everyone coming from different backgrounds, running at the same speed and a comfortable speed for all was extremely challenging. Running faster than your capacity means not being able to sustain the pace for the whole distance or the whole expedition. Running too slow is not only hard on your legs, it is incredibly overwhelming mentally because you are constantly thinking of how much faster you could go.

The reason running 55km today was so phenomenal is because we all came together as a team, we were able to use the previous days and we were able to adapt to one another. It wasnít easy though. We all had our own struggles. I had incredible stomach cramps and my knees were killing me, but because we were a team, communicating, running at a comfortable pace for everyone and actually having fun and enjoying the scenery, I was able to push through the pain. I was hurting, badly, but that just gave me more motivation to keep going. I was focused on the goal we had set out for ourselves and any sign of weakness I felt would negatively impact the team and myself. I like to think of myself as a silent leader meaning I lead by example. I am not the outgoing, loud type, but I have my own strengths. I didnít feel strong today, but I had to keep going, I had to keep moving: relentless forward movement.

So, did it hurt? My legs will say yes, extremely. Was it the most unbelievable experience ever? My head and my heart will say yes, no doubt.

Daily Summary - May 18

The Youth Ambassadors set out to see how far they could run on May 18. With nearly 150km already in their legs, they managed an incredible 55.5km, a new i2P Youth Ambassador record!

Thank You Transamerica

Transamerica has been an amazing supporter of the impossible2Possible Youth Ambassador expeditions, and as the YAs exclaim in this video "we couldn't have done it without you." Thank you Transamerica!

How to Achieve Success in 4 Easy Steps

From what weíve learned here in the desert, itís extremely important to plan ahead for any big goal we have in mind. Whether that goal is job-oriented or pleasure-driven, it is key to think carefully about how to craft the path to success. Below is what our journey as i2P Youth Ambassadors has taught us as it relates to our expedition in four steps!

  1. Know What Success Looks Like
    You canít possibly achieve success if you donít know what you are aiming for. Here in the Atacama Desert, we set a daily distance goal of an average of 42 kilometers. However, we must also be realistic about that since we have to be at ďcampĒ at a certain time in order to fulfill our other duties such as astronomy education.
  2. Two is Better Than One
    A sure-fire way to achieve success is to break apart your goal into smaller ones. While our goal is to run a marathon per day, we break that into morning and afternoon runs - reaching for an average of a half-marathon in the morning and another one in the afternoon.
  3. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
    Even if you think you are on the right track toward reaching your goal, itís important to take measures to ensure your future, sooner rather than later. In the desert, for example, we must drink a special, flavored water incessantly to make sure that we are getting enough electrolytes to keep our bodies fueled for the run - even if we arenít thirsty!
  4. Surround Yourself With Champions
    In order to achieve your goal, the most important step is to remain positive and surround yourself with people who think the same way. Here in the desert, we have an amazing support crew that is always cheering us on to the finish line as well as our own teammates who support one another through some of the toughest terrain on earth.

By following these guidelines, we can make sure that our dreams are within grasp.


Daily Summary - May 17

The team ran during the afternoon after a travel morning and experienced extremely hot conditions in this incredibly dry desert.