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Ashley's Q&A Responses

We welcome questions concerning our i2P Expedition Bolivia 2011 from everyone! If you have questions for Ray & the i2P team about their expedition or the chemistry educational program please submit them. We are also happy to entertain questions about i2P Expedition Bolivia Challenge, the education component of our program, or any other i2P activity.

Below are some of Ashley's answers; to view other answers or to ask a question visit the i2P Q&A page!

Question Answer
Hi Ashley Hassard - how is the run going? How is the altitude affecting you? What are the conditions of the run? Does the hotel have a spa? HAHAHA!

Shelley Hassard,

Ashley Hassard:
Hi Mama Haz! When we were at 16,000 ft everybody was starting to feel the effects of altitude sickness. Personally, my symptoms have included dizziness, nausia, and a difficulty when breathing. Unfortunately, mine have been a little more intense and have lasted a little longer than others, but we are taking it day by day, and every day that passes I feel a little bit better. Miss you!

Answered on: Friday May 20 2011
How are you enjoying being in front of the camera and filming everything?! Hope you guys are having fun!!!

Bridget Beury,

Ashley Hassard:
Hi Bridget! Thanks for asking. We are absolutely having loads of fun. We are like one huge family now, and it is like exploring with your best friends. At first having the cameras around was a little strange, but after a while we got pretty used to them being there. It also really helps that the film crew that is here with us are super friendly, and really funny, so they keep us laughing.

Answered on: Friday May 20 2011
How large are the mounds of salt crystals we see in the online image?

David F.,
Park Forest Middle School

Ashley Hassard:
Great question! They were about one meter, or three feet high, and about one meter wide in a cone shape.

Answered on: Friday May 20 2011
Why did your path change at the end of the first day's trip?

Clara ,
Park Forest Middle School

Ashley Hassard:
Hi Clara! Our path changed after our first day run due to the fact that the Salar de Uyuni was flooded with water as a result of some heavy rainfalls.

Answered on: Friday May 20 2011
Friday May 20 2011 :: posted by Nick Gravel