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Day 5 - 40km!

One of the most frequent questions we get is: “What is life like on an Expedition?” Today’s video explores all of the back-end logistics, technology, runner support, and camp life that we’ve encountered daily on this adventure in the Thar Desert.

Meanwhile, on the road, the Youth Ambassadors completed another 40km day on the hottest day of the expedition, and are aiming to do 40+ again tomorrow - which would make them the first i2P Youth Expedition to reach that distance three days in a row!

Note: the Internet connection speed is currently unreliable and the team is having problems uploading Day 5 videos/photos. We will post Day 5 media as soon as possible!

Day 4 News

At i2P we do not measure success by running a specific distance; we measure success by pushing yourself and making a positive impact in the world. Today, Jessica made us all proud by pushing herself further than she ever thought possible. She made the decision to step away due to injury and has focused her energies on support of the i2P mission in India.

Patrick, Emma, and Veer managed to complete 42km on the hottest day of the expedition; tomorrow the team is looking to push their limits even further!

Here are some pics from Day 4:

i2P Youth Ambassadors Answer Your Questions!

We welcome questions concerning our i2P India Expedition from everyone! If you have questions for the i2P team about their expedition or the World Health educational program please submit them. We are also happy to entertain questions about i2P India Expedition Challenge, the education component of our program, or any other i2P activity.

Below are some of the Youth Ambassadors answers; to view other answers or to ask a question visit the i2P Q&A page!

Question Answer
You all must have be excited to be able to go to India. What was it like to be chosen?

Trailblazer Elementary

Emma Cook-Clarke:
At first I did not believe it, after an hour or so it kicked in. It hit me how much of a challenge it would be and I felt VERY lucky!

Answered on: Wednesday November 30 2011
How many miles is the run?


Harshveer Singh Saluja:
Approximately 180 miles in total.

Answered on: Wednesday November 30 2011
What made you like to run?


Patrick Doughty:
I actually don’t like to run! When an opportunity is presented to you, you have to be willing to make changes in your life and to take full advantage of the situation.

Answered on: Wednesday November 30 2011
Will be staying in shelter or will you sleep in tents?

Trailblazer Elementary

Jessica Kenny:
We will be staying in tents.

Answered on: Wednesday November 30 2011

Day 3 Recap

The Youth Ambassadors begun the day with a common goal of reaching 40km before heading for a live video conference with students following along from all over the world. At the end of the day, they had met their goal, and were excited to share the experience, lessons, and tribulations with the students awaiting them at camp that night. Check out the video blog and some Day 3 photos below!

  • Day 3 Recap