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Day 6 Daily Dispatch Ė The Rise of the Mammals

Some life forms are better able to adapt to their surroundings, whether itís favorable environmental conditions, or an absence of predators. But on the run today one canít help but wonder about the additional attributes that help us succeed, the ones that are harder to quantify, things like sheer will. Today the environment favored the runners; the wind was at the youth ambassadors back all morning, the clouds left the land cool, but there was also their drive to set a record, a goal beyond their basic requirements for the day. The Youth Ambassadors ran 52 kilometre (32.3 miles) today. Itís the greatest distance any i2P youth expedition team has ever covered. And itís a fitting accomplishment on a day when we are acknowledging the rise of mammals. The youth are running on terrain created 10 million years ago, a time when mammals realized their potential with the dinosaurs gone. They grew, they multiplied, they filled the land and they remain today, though we must show some pause with our celebration, because while humans are now the mammals on the top of the food chain, we may be in the midst of another great extinction, one which is thought to be of our creation.

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Saturday May 18 2013 :: posted by Education Team